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Lavender Bath/Massage Oil - 4 oz

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Description:  A lavender bath oil for those with delicate skin!  Created with a 100% pure sweet almond oil that is known for naturally softening and moisturizing the skin while nourishing and reviving the skin without clogging pores, it actually promotes clear and healthy skin!  This fine oil is blended with pure Bulgarian Lavender essential oil and is 100% natural!   You will emerge from the tub silky smooth and fragranced with the sweet aroma of the oil you choose.

Also a perfect formula to use as a massage oil.  It is light and soothing, with a wonderful skin absorption 

Lavender Essentials!  See the drop down menu for our selection of pure essential oils blended with lavender in beautiful aromatherapy blends to help the body, mind and spirit!

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