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Lavender Bath Salts - 8 oz
Description: Lavender bath salts are naturally mineral enriched, our soothing sea salts are blended with skin softening, pure vegetable glycerin to soften skin and relieve dryness.  A soak in a warm tub of essential oil lavender bath salts is said to improve circulation, calm nerves and relax aching/sore muscles.  Natural bath salts also open pores and will naturally lift impurities away from the skin by removing dirt, sweat and toxins.

Benefits of a soak in natural Lavender Love Bath Salts may include*:

Easing certain skin conditions
Improving Circulation
Improving Irritations such as bug bites and minor rashes
Releiving Arthritus Pain
Relieving Stress
Relieving Tension and Pain in Muscles

...and the greatest benefit, some YOU time to RELAX!

Lavender Essentials!  See the drop down menu for our selection of pure essential oils blended with lavender in beautiful aromatherapy blends to help the body, mind and spirit!

Please visit the
aromatherapy page for the benefits of each essential oil.

*Lavender Love does not claim that our products will  heal your ailments, sea salts and essential oils  are known for their natural healing ability.  Always check with a doctor for persisting problems.

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