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The Benefits of Lavender...

As briefly touched on in the home page of this site, Lavender has been used for centuries all over the world for many things from food to healing!  This amazing plant is used for acne, athlete's foot, comforting the stomach, as a disinfectant, for headache and migraine relief, healing burns and insect bites, an insect repellent, scenting linens, stiff joints and sore muscle relief, sunburns and more!

Amazing, it does all that, and smells beautiful too! Not all Lavender is the same!  It comes from all over the world and in many different qualities!  We use Bulgarian Lavender, known world wide for it's healing benefits as well as it's clean, sweet floral fragrance!  Lavender is one of the only 2 essential oils that can be used directly on skin with no dilution! (there are hundreds of essential oils, thousands if you include 'blends')

We have brought this amazing plant to you in a wonderful bath and body line.  After much research in the bath and body market, we decided to go with a natural fragrance, that had many other benefits as well.  Instead of cluttering our shelves with tons of 'designer' and faux fragrances,we decided to concentrate our efforts into one, Lavender, and we love it!  Our products are made by hand with the closest attention to detail!  Our exact recipes are confidential, and sought after by many emailers!  However, this is one place we don't budge!  We apologize, but we just won't give away the secrets!  Enjoy our products!

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