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Customer Comments aka "Lavender Love-ys"

Just a small potpourri of our "Lavender Love-ys"
we receive at the Lavender Love Home Office!

"...Wow I love this mist, I'm spraying everything, even my dog!"

"...mmmmmm, smells good!"

"...The best smelling lavender, ever!"

"... I received my soaps yesterday and wanted to let you know that they are amazing! The smell so wonderful!! I also really appreciate the free gift. I think you have a new customer!! :)"

"...The package arrived safe & sound yesterday.  I used the bath salts already and love them!  I'm sending the rest of the lavender products to a friend of mine as a gift, and I have no doubt that she will love them as well. Thanks again, and I'm sure I'll be in touch next time I need some lavender products.  <smile>   I'm also passing along your web site info to some other friends who may be interested."

"...The night cream arrived yesterday and I used it last night.  I love it!  It's consistency is perfect.  Thanks much for the baggie of lavender.  I'll put it in my drawer."

"...I received your product last week and used them in our yoga class.  We love the eye pillows!   Just excellent!    Namaste!"

"...I received my Lavender oils today!  You have the BEST lavender of anyone!  I am so happy I located your website.  Thank you for the free gift!  I will be back for sure!  Have a great week!"

5/7/2005 "
...Also, I wanted to let you know how much my cat LOVED that Kitty Kicker!!!!  Oh my word.... she flipped out!!!!!  But the funny thing is... I gave one to my friends cat and smelled it and walked away, but when their dog came in....... you would have thought it was a t-bone steak laying there!!!!  The dog went insane!!!!!!  We laughed and laughed!!!

1/5/2006 "
...I wanted to share what one of my customers had to say about her lavender order. I spoke to her today and she was so pleased with the products. she gave them as gifts for xmas. shea butter the mist. she mention how this company is great and how her family loved the products. they all wanted to know were she bought the lavender products."

"...Okay, that sugar scrub that I bought yesterday rocks! It's way better 
then the one I used to use, plus it's about a million times less oily. lol!"

  "I tell you what that (essential) oil has been wonderful for my headaches...I think I am taking a tad less meds because of it! ...and now I have another friend that is having migraine problems...poor mom...and she homeschools her kids which makes it hard for her.  She has done so many nice things for me (like helping me organize my craft room for free!) that I am going to make a trip out to her house and surprise her with my last bottle!!!   I know she used to use a peppermint oil on her temples but ran I know she will love this!"

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