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Description:  With all my herbs on hand, I decided to create cat toys for my feline friends!  They turned out to be such a hit with friends and their cats, I decided to add them to my product line for fun!  Each cigar shaped Kitty Kicker™ is hand made, and stuffed full of feline favorite herbs!  Each one measures approx. 8" long by about 2" around     I have a mixture of 4 herbal non-toxic** feline favorites (including lavender)  that seem to drive the cats crazy!

The results have been hysterical!  Everything from pure bliss to cats going so crazy they have ripped open the postal bubble wrap envelope packaging that I shipped the kickers in!  Results vary!  If it seems the kicker has stopped working, just squish it a bit to release new fragrance!  You'll know the kicker has been fully enjoyed when it is totally flattened because your kitty has pulverized the herbal filling!

A Great Kitty Kicker™ Testomonial!

My one cat Patches bats the Kicker around & actually will push it, pick it up & otherwise make it known that she wants us to hold it for her so she can bat at it.       The other cat, Emily immediately claimed them both (I only set out 2) & rolls on them, sleeps on them & holds them like a baby doll.  Yesterday, when Emily got up to stretch & eat, Patches went to go play with it (probably realizing it was her only chance) & Emily came strutting back to her sleep pillows (like a runway model kitty) and walked completely around her sister to get to the kickers & stuck her butt right on them both to reclaim ownership.  It was soooo funny!!!

I have to say, even though Patches enjoys batting at them for play, they both seem much more calm & relaxed.  They haven't spent much time curled up with each other to sleep as they've grown (they just turned 8 & I got them at age 8 weeks from the same litter) yet, they have curled up with each other bunches with each other over the last day and a half.  I've missed my window of opportunity twice now (they must be acutely aware of the presence of a camera) when they are hugging each other with arms & legs during nap time.  I haven't seen them do that in a really long time & only until they change positions.  If I can get a photo, I'll send it to you.  It's super cute!!

My only question is do they work on kids???  My girlfriend brings over her 4 1/2 year old & boy does he need to "relax"- LOL

**Herbs are Kitty Safe and non-toxic.  NO essential oils are used in the kickers, dried feline friendly herbs only!
Kitty Kickers™ Lavender Cat Toy
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