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Welcome to the Lavender Love Affiliate Program!

3 Great Reasons to Join our Affiliate Program!

1) Enjoy a 30% discount for your own personal or gift purchases!
2) Earn a 30% Commission on sales generated via your link!
3) Purchase Sample Sizes only available to Affiliates

Please read the program below for full details.

Brief overview of Lavender Love:  Lavender Love is a Mom owned home based business established in Spring of 2002.  We are not associated with any other bath and body businesses on or off the internet.  The Lavender Love Affiliate Program and the verbage contained herein was created in December 2004 prior to launch of the program on January 1, 2005 as a way for others to earn extra money referring people to Lavender Love.  We launched our Lavender Love Affiliate Marketing Program after two and a half years of solid growth establishing firm roots in the internet community, we've now been running for over four years while celebrating the two year Anniversary of the Affiliate Marketing Program 1/1/07.

The Program:  You can represent by joining the Affiliate Program (referred to as the "Program" in the rest of this document), and earn an income promoting High Quality Aromatherapy items made by Lavender Love. All of our items are hand crafted and made in small batches to ensure freshness.  All products contain lavender flowers and/or pure lavender essential oil.  Each item is between 96-100% natural so you can feel confident promoting a quality, natural line of products that come in 8 unique and refreshing aromatic blends.

Can I do Home Parties?   If you would like to purchase product at a discount and resell them please view our wholesale program for requirements.

How Much Can I Earn?:  30% commission for sales generated via your personalized link, plus the opportunity to earn Team Building bonuses and down line comissions.

How Much To Join?:  $25.00 (Note: There are no refunds on the join fee)

Why do you charge $10.00 to join an Affiliate Program?:    The Lavender Love Affiliate Program is a notch above the rest offering 30% commissions based on the Full Retail Product price vs a percentage of the volume.  You can earn a generous income right over the internet working 100% from your computer.   Included in the fee is Administration services to establish and set up your account, a personalized URL, personalized web site, a state of the art Back Office, Interactive Online Group, Weekly Training and the potential for generous downline bonuses and residual income. 

Is this Program Web Based?:  Yes, this is a web based Affiliate Program, a perfect way to earn money with 100% web based promotion.  When you join the Program, you will earn money simply by referring customers to via your own personalized referring link.  You may promote via custom banners/buttons on your existing website, or by advertising your unique button link on other sites. 

Is there a Monthly Requirement?:  Yes, in order to receive any pending commissions or bonuses you are required to have at least one customer sale or personal purchase each month via your personalized link..  This amount has no minimum or maximum, simply one personal purchase OR customer purchase from your personalized link.  If you inactive for 2 consecutive months, you will be removed from the program and yur downline will roll up to the person above you.  If you continue to miss one month in an ongoing pattern your status will be subject to review and potential termination.

Do I Get Repeat Customer Sales?:  Yes, if customers return to Lavender Love via your custom referring link, you will get credit for their repeat business. Note: It is not Nevada Naturals, Inc./Lavender Love's responsibility if customers do not return via your custom referral link -you will only get sales credit for sales tracked via your personalized link.

Do I get a Personalized Link?:  Yes!  You will get a personalized referral link that will click through to  Your name will appear at the top of all the pages and your sales will register in the Back Office.  All Team Members that join via your link will automatically be tracked as well. Example:

How do I promote my link?:  Promote via your banners, buttons and links found in the Back Office or simply post your unique referral link on your email signatures, message boards, online parties and places that allow online advertising. No unsolicted emails or spamming is tolerated.  Anyone reported of this may be removed from the Program without notice forfeiting any pending commissions.

Can I Use the Program Discount?:  Yes, as an Affiliate Program member you may purchase products for your personal use at the 30% discount.  You may select the discount up front as a 'pre' commission or as a commission once you've reached the threshold amount.

Can I Build A Team?:   Yes!  You will get paid 5% of your front line sales as a residual income. Plus you will get a bonus of $5.00 for each new Qualified Team Member who paid the entire $25 join fee.

How Quickly Are Orders Processed?:  All products are made weekly in small batches..  Processing usually takes 3-5 business days (M-F) plus shipping time via USPS Prioroity Mail.  Your customer orders should be shipped within one week (5 business days) of receipt of cleared payment.  Sometimes orders may take longer to process due to pending order loads.   Larger orders may take slightly longer to process.

How Much is Shipping and Handling?:  Please refer to the Lavender Love policies page.

Can I Track My Earnings?: 
Your personal sales will be trackable via your own Back Office login where you'll be able to see your profits as they are accrued as well as profits generated by Team Building bonuses and downline sales.

When Will I Be Paid?:  If you are in active status, you will receive any earned commissions due the following month after your commissions reach a $10 threshold. The month closes at 5:00 PM PST on the last business day of the month and commissions are closed for the month at that time.  If your commissions have reached at least $10 you will be paid via check or PayPal between the 10th and 20th of the following month. Those who select check payment must cash within 60 days of the issue date.  If you do not cash your check it is deemed void by the bank and there will be a $5.00 reissue fee per check. No combining of checks for accounting purposes.  Please don't forget to cash your checks and don't hold on to them too long!

How do I get Started?: The Lavender Love Affiliate Program is easy!  Click the Registration Button below.!

Be advised!  These rules may change at any time, by becoming a Lavender Love Affiliate Marketing Program Member you state that you agree to these rules and any upcoming changes, additions or deletions to these rules. Currently this program is only open to US residents. NOTE:  Free sign ups are only for limited times\ periods. Old ads and postings advertising on the web indicationg past free sign up days do NOT apply. Sign up is only free if indicated above where the join fee is listed.

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